Bus from Bangkok to Sukhothai

After we decided to take a public bus from Bangkok to Sukhothai, we went to the „Mo Chit 2“ bus terminal to purchase our tickets. On the southern part of this quite large area one can find the local busses that circulate Bangkok as well as a market hall, to the north there is a modern building where the far-distance busses leave.

The tickets for the „government bus“ to Sukhothai can be purchased at the outside ticket counters no. 25-29. The ticket price for a 2nd class bus with AC and toilet is 311 THB per person.
Our bus left at 12:00 noon and arrived at 18:00 in Sukhothai.

Included in the ticket price is a warm meal (you can get it at a stop by showing your ticket) and a snack.

We chose two front seats because we read that one has a better view of the landscape from there – but that was not a very clever choice since there’s no window in front of you. Furthermore those seats offer less space for your feet, and the room for hand-luggage is also very limited. Also be aware that the AC cools the bus down to 17°C.


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Eine Antwort zu Bus from Bangkok to Sukhothai

  1. Silke schreibt:

    17°c sounds frosty….. but busticket plus meal sounds like a good deal for me!!

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