Hello world!

This is the first post of Kerstin’s & Bernhard’s travel blog that’s (hopefully) coming into being during 2012.

At the moment we are pretty busy with the preparations and plannings of our trip, finding proper insurance, gathering info about potential itineraries, … and learning how to blog. 🙂

So, please check back in February!


Über Bernhard

Likes: Traveling / Playing Guitar / Rock Music / Science / Tinkering with Electronics / Spicy Food ... Dislikes: Prejudice / Superstition / Pretentious blatherers ...
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3 Antworten zu Hello world!

  1. tom schreibt:

    Very english indeed!

  2. Silke schreibt:

    bernhard und kerstin: good luck on your tour!
    silke 🙂

    • Gerti und Franz schreibt:

      We hope you are well. What´s news? We wish all the best and hearing about you again!
      Gerti und Franz

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